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Our flagship solution, P42 is a high availability framework of integrated technologies designed to store, manage, and mine collections of VLDB datasets of human generated data

Our PDMS features military grade security, multi-level ACL systems and extensive audit features. It is designed to be deployed in any environment and is fully Cloud compatible.

Solutions at a glance

Industry Applications

Our PDMS can be utilized by a variety of organizations to gather and study their data.

  • PDMS Applications in private sector guarantee profit increases and workflow optimizations:
    • Analyze millions of SKUs to determine optimal prices that maximize profit and clear inventory
    • Use data analysis and data mining to detect fraudulent behavior
    • Analyze data from social media to detect new market trends and changes in demand
    • Recalculate entire risk portfolios in minutes and understand future possibilities to mitigate risks
    • Send tailored recommendations to mobile devices at just the right time, while customers are in the right location to take advantage of offers
  • Government ERP systems powered by PDMS can provision resources before disaster strikes:
    • Replacing legacy financial applications with a centralized fund management system
    • Importing and consolidating report data from non-homogeneous Government agencies
    • Storing and identifying raw material consumption rates by regions
    • Providing law enforcement agencies with access to centralized profile management system
    • Determining trends and provision funds by cross-referencing citizen and sensus data
  • Dynamic Government Health to reduce operational costs:
    • Centralized patient systems (patient profiles)
    • Prescription issuance monitoring and medication provisioning
    • Extensive analytics and trend studies of treated population
    • Cross-referencing of emergency (911) and hospital admittance records
    • Equipment and supplies consumption analysis to reveal treands or fund waste

If your Industry or Application has not been listed, please contact us to see how our PDMS can be utilized in your environment


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Services and SLA

Economic and reliable
Our SLA levels are the most rigorously maintained and can be adjusted to your need and industry. We also offer full service turnkey solution and can provide onsite engineers and support staff for training purposes. Ultimately, the deployment will be determined by the client industry and rollout schedule

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